An operating system for asset management & investing

Simple and transparent private asset management


Digital Platform and Ledger

Single source of truth for prospective and existing private investments

  • We extract economic details and organizes documents in a searchable store for investment teams and clients
  • Seamlessly upload data via email, upload or integration with investment portals
  • Explore interactive balance sheet, performance and scenario analysis reports built from a robust dual ledger which enables finance teams to manage accounting and reporting.

Customized Performance Measurement

Make evidence based decisions with accurate and clear data

  • View consistent metrics for all investments, across the most complex portfolios
  • We reconcile corporate actions, partners capital activity statements, founders updates and secondary transactions affect your bottom line
  • Prepare and optimize for taxes, and manage K-1 collection in a consolidated workflow

Save Time and Money

Take action with confidence

  • We automate the boring things, elevate the important things
  • We keep track of the value today and help analyze cashflow in the future
  • Receive updates for secondary liquidity opportunities, compare and benchmark