An operating system for asset management & investing

Simple and transparent private asset management


Document to Ledger

Single source of truth for prospective and existing private investments

  • Email or upload private investment documents or connect your investment portal
  • Distributary extracts economic details and organizes the data in a searchable document store
  • You explore an interactive balance sheet, performance, risk and opportunity through a standard lens.

Standardized Performance

Make evidence based decisions by maintaining the big picture

  • View apples to apples metrics across any asset, via any vehicle
  • Instantly see how corporate actions, partners capital activity statements, founders updates and secondary transactions affect your bottom line
  • View potential K-1’s in real time and store your actual K-1’s when you finally receive them.

Connect the Dots with ease

Understand your investments and do something about it

  • We automate the boring things, elevate the important things and help you transact
  • We keep track of the value of and activity from your private investments
  • Receive updates for secondary liquidity opportunities and tax relevant dates like long term capital gains and qualified small business stock treatment