About Distributary

Distributary translates private asset documents into events which anyone can understand. We automate the boring things and provide you with a single source of truth to search for the important things, so that you can make better decisions and turn private assets into money when you need it.

No matter how complex, all private, or unlisted assets are memorialized by legal agreements. We act as the connector for your private asset data and extract the relevant information, as well as continue to incorporate performance documents and tax statements.

We bring organization and comprehension to private assets, in order to support investors in reaching their financial goals.

If you have been treating your angel investments as lottery tickets, or your real estate or limited partnership interests as opaque sources of income, we built Distributary for you. We bring organization and comprehension to private assets, in order to support investors in reaching their financial goals.

With Distributary, it is easy to confidently invest, sell, borrow, or lend against all assets, without fear of the superficial designation of "private" or "alternative." All engaged investors and their advisers can find utility on an asset management platform built to level the playing field for everyone.



For households invested in, or considering investing in anything other than stocks and bonds, they will generally interact with legal documents like SAFE's , company charters, stock purchase agreements, limited partnership agreements and investor rights agreements which detail the economic and control factors related to all parties. We interpret all of this for you and surface what matters, your economic opportunity, risks, fees and rights in a single balance sheet. If you invest as a part of an SPV, or through a trust, we consolidate this data but allow you to drill down as deep as you would like and better understand your portfolio.


We use powerful AI tools to quickly draw out the precise economic factors that matter for investors and present them in a transparent and consistent manner. Every conversation and document is pulled into a searchable document store alongside our porfolio management system and clients can trust that all of their private financial data is connected in a single event stream from commitment & wire to K-1 and distributions.

We draw from our experience as former portfolio managers, quant mathematicians and financial technology developers, our team has spent over a decade each working alongside lawyers to interpret complex financial agreements, designed the analytics frameworks to manage portfolios and built the systems which the largest asset managers in the planet used to manage their portfolios.


We employ the same level of data encryption as your bank, both at rest and in transit. With additional 2FA & secure access control and logging, all client data is both agile and secure.


Distributary is not an investment adviser, we are an operating system and platform which provides reporting, document management and financial analysis. We do not provide accounting advice, however we work alongside a network of the best fiduciary advisers, legal professionals and accountants and we help discern whether the opportunity or risk warrants those expenses.


We currently support SAFE notes, common and preferred equity, partnership interests, real estate assets and fixed rate debt, mortgages and recurring commitments. Over time we aim to build a generic transaction language to classify as many private assets as possible.


Temi Omojola: Co-founder & CEO

Temi spent 13 years within UBS’ Investor Client Services group, a part of the Investment Bank and in his last role was responsible for the global currency and foreign exchange derivatives portfolio, a $4bn market making portfolio serving treasurers of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world, hedge funds, pension funds and UBS’ UHNW Advisors. He spent time reviewing, negotiating 100’s of ISDA derivative agreements and executing thousands of transactions. He was also part of the team which designed and implemented UBS’ Fixed Income trading system.

He holds a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Dami Omojola: Co-founder & CTO

Dami started his career at Bloomberg LP where he spent 4+ years. In his last role with the firm, he led an engineering team responsible for the foreign exchange Tradebook platform. Bloomberg Tradebook was built to provide liquidity, market analysis and customized solutions to investors and market makers. Dami has spent the subsequent years building trading and financial market monitoring systems for hedge funds like Tudor Investment Corporation, as well as in senior engineering / architecture roles at various Technology companies.

He holds a BE in Electrical Engineering from The Cooper Union and an M.E. in Computer Engineering from the Cooper Union.

Rade Plavsic: Co-founder & COO

Rade worked alongside Temi & UBS during his 16 years at the firm. He designed and Implemented financing framework for UBS' Global Fixed Income trading business, establishing how cash and collateral were managed via UBS Group Treasury. He holds a PhD in Quantitative Mathematics from Imperial College, London

We bring deep financial markets and software development expertise alongside a history of execution at both start up and institutional scale. Most recently, for fun, Temi and Dami built Mailform - now the leading provider of print and mail web software and API’s. We maintain ownership today, but have delegated daily operations of the company.